Commitment to Achieving Agronomic Excellence

Walters Golf Management takes pride in providing the finest golf courses in the Midwest. While spending less money than most, we work with national vendor programs to provide first class stewardship to make our courses stand out above the rest. Our top rated superintendents, led by Denis Barron, work painstakingly to achieve an optimal visual appearance and maintain excellent turf health. Within our portfolio we have perfectly manicured fairways made up of Bent, Bermuda or Zoysia grass, depending on the facility. Each fairway is graciously lined with cool and warm season rough that lead you to our well-maintained greens of bent grass.

At Walters Golf Management, we take the highest effort to stay environmentally sensitive, and keep the beauty of nature at its highest level. We work with all levels of environmental agencies to provide the most natural surroundings and have several facilities which are members of the National Audubon Society.

Agronomics today has developed into two phases, and both are essential for success. These two phases are scientific and passion. We have the knowledge through study and experience to insure that the scientific maintenance and development of our turf grass is at the highest level possible. Passion is defined as the able desire to enjoy the sacrifice it takes to accomplish the former phase. The loyalty and internal drive you will witness with our on course staff is unequaled, and allows Walters Golf Management to provide amazing results at a cost far below industry standards.

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