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From Beginning to End, We Create the Course that You Desire.

In todays golf industry, golf course construction will in many ways determine the long termsuccess of a facility. From quality workmanship to cost containment, you may define the destiny of your golf course. Several of the courses that Walters Golf Management hails in it’s portfolio have been built from the ground up. We are well versed in the building and construction process and have been able to create some of the finest courses throughout the Midwest. During every phase of design, development and construction, Walters Golf Management has the capability and expertise to assist owners in providing every aspect of achieving the golf course that they desire. From start to finish, we will implement every characteristic of the design including architecture, heavy earth moving, shaping, agronomic selection and course design. Our professional experience has led us to work with both union and non-union employees, which creates an end result of a golf facility that will go beyond the owner’s expectations.

Walters Golf Management utilizes a planning strategy and has created a development model which allows for efficient and cost effective golf course development. The key ingredient is formulating a realistic budget, and then maintaining through select vendors, cost controls which allow the client to receive everything desired and more. Walters Golf Management prides itself on bringing projects to completion, on time and on budget. Successful construction in this manner allows new golf facilities to meet their business strategies from the day the first golf ball sets flight.

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