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At Walters Golf Management, we are commited to driving play, participation and profits to the golf clubs we manage. Select an area of interest below to see what Walters Golf Management can do for you.

At Walters Golf Management, Revenue Management drives everything… And Dynamic Revenue Services drives us! We have seen the future of the golf business and it’s Dynamic Pricing. 

DRS’s Revenue Management Consulting program offers daily oversight of your most valuable and profitable resource – your tee times! Most golf course owners and operators review their pricing structure once or twice per year without taking into account the many daily variables that impact the value of each individual tee time. DRS analyzes all aspects of supply and demand in your area to develop not only daily pricing structures but rate updates within each day part.

Dynamic Pricing… It Just Makes Sense; The Right Tee Time for the Right Person at the Right Price

By definition, dynamic means “constant change.” At Walters Golf Management rates are adjusted both higher and lower – in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors (yes, even mother nature plays her role in this new strategy.) While this may be new to the game of golf; airlines, hotels and even your favorite sports team are utilizing this powerful new pricing strategy…with rates changing daily, in real-time, Dynamic Pricing gives the golfer the chance to find the rate and time which works best for them.

Click Here to read an article about how the St. Louis Cardinals have changed from Variable Pricing to Dynamic Pricing

How Can Dynamic Revenue Services Assist you with Revenue Management/Dynamic Pricing?

As operators ourselves, DRS understands the demands on golf course operators and owners. We know how thin staff levels are at golf clubs while the demands and expectations continue to increase. While you may agree that Revenue Management is the most important part of your business, you just can’t find the time needed to commit to full management and oversight of your tee times. A relationship with DRS allows you to focus on the necessary and important items of your business, dealing with your customers and managing your staff for example while you let the experts in the field oversee your most valued resource at the facility. There is no other company or individual more qualified to manage your tee time inventory than our team of professionals at Dynamic Revenue Services.

For the small consulting fee, you can feel at ease knowing your tee times are being managed by the leaders in the industry. Our fee averages less than the cost of a golf shop staff employee. Sure, a shop staff employee may be able to check in a golfer, but we know how to get the golfers to the counter! Our services work for all types of courses. We have seen great success at high-end, mid-tier and affordable daily fee clubs as well as 9-hole and par 3 facilities. Our system works in large cities, resort markets as well as small towns. If you haven’t talked to us yet, now is the time. Your future is bright…Your Future is Revenue Management.

Like everyone in the golf business, you’re looking for ways to grow your rounds and revenue in a declining market. You have two options…

  1. Continue to do the same thing you have always done and watch your course slowly slide down the death spiral or
  2. Do something new and ground-breaking and employ the best in the business to develop a detailed revenue management plan for your course. Imagine every tee time collecting data, imagine less phone calls and more time spent with your customers, imagine looking at your empty tee sheet for tomorrow and having the ability to do something about it. There’s no more need to imagine – WGM offers impactful solutions for your business. Call us Today!

At WGM – Revenue Management Drives Everything and DRS Drives our Revenue Management!

Revenue Management is a system that is continually evolving. Statistics and data are continually being compiled to make pricing adjustments. At WGM, we dislike the use of the word “discounting.” We feel this is an ancient practice that provides lower rates to golfers for no good reason. DRS uses the dynamic pricing philosophy to make smart pricing decisions and rather than “throwing a dart” at the rate board, we know exactly the price which is necessary to move the desired amount of rounds. Just think…if you priced your golf at only $1 less per round than you needed to…over the year you will lose out on tens of thousands of dollars. (Money that would have been 100% PROFIT!) Stop throwing money away due to incorrect pricing and indiscriminate discounting. These tactics are a thing of the past – join forces with the smartest sellers of golf in the country at Walters Golf Management and reap the benefits.

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What’s Included with the Revenue Management Program

  • Daily Oversight of Dynamic Pricing
  • Course Staff Training in Revenue Management
  • Database Growth Initiatives
  • Detailed Statistical Data and Reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • RevPatt Analysis
  • Bi-Weekly Training and Planning Sessions
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Marketing Assistance

Additional Consulting Services through WGM Include

  • Marketing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agronomics
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Program Review
  • Accounting and Office
  • Banking and Finance
  • WGM Golf Professional Training Program
  • Group Buying Program
  • Merchandising

Our Focus at Walters Golf Management: Grow Revenues, Manage Expense and Provide Great Service – Click here to request more information about Walter’s Revenue Management Services.

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